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7 Keys to Running Improvement - Part 1 by: Liam Cain

The number one key to improvement is: Motivation! Sounds simple and it is. Think about it you really have to be motivated to get up on a cold morning and run. You have to be motivated to stick with your training plan.

This enables you to hit the second key to improvement: Consistency! Regular, relatively injury and illness free training over many months and years produces results - that's a fact! All the successful athletes we have ever met, worked with or coached have these two keys: Motivation and Consistency in abundance.

Let's explore Motivation a little deeper. I don't care how good you are, how much you love it, sometimes we all go through patches were things aren't clicking or there is no buzz from the thing we like doing best - running.

This is a good time to read a book from an inspirational athlete or role model! One of our favourites is Running My Way by Harry Wilson.

Another idea is to find a new location for a training run. Imagine running to the top of a hill to find a truly inspiring view! The possibilities are endless. When you look at the training schedules at middle distance coach you will see a commitment to continuous running. Don't skip this part because it looks boring when all you want to do is scroll down to the hard track sessions (I know you did because I was the same!). Instead when 3 or 4 steady runs are pencilled in, be creative! Yeah, be creative and think, Great! This is 4 opportunities to find inspirational, relaxing and down right invigorating locations to help me escape from the world! Suddenly steady running becomes fun!

Try and find some new running buddies or encourage a friend to take up the running bug! Enthuse someone about the fun and feeling of well being you get from your running. It will help to fire you up as well. Always remember to be proud of your fitness, you deserve to because you earned it!

Motivation will help your running consistency. Training hard for a week or two then taking a breather for another week or so is not the best way to become a better runner. Looking back at diaries and knowing you have put a lot of consistent, solid training in the bank is a guaranteed path to an upswing in your running. Aim to make 2006 your most consistent training year! Of course donít stop there. You would then aim to make 2007 your most consistent season!

Remember the first two keys to running improvement:

  1. Motivation
  2. Consistency

Now tell me. Doesnít all of this get you buzzing and want to put on those trainers and just run!

About The Author
Liam Cain is a full time Running Coach. You can access Free Training Manuals, pick up tips and advice through his website (www.middledistancecoach.com) You can also sign-up for coaching services and purchase a DVD on Skills, Drills and Conditioning For Distance Runners. liam@middledistancecoach.com



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