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If you want to make lasting improvements to your speed, build your program around the following speed training tips. Improving speed doesn’t have to be a complicated process requiring advanced training certifications as long as you follow sound training principles.

If you aren’t properly warmed up for each workout that you do, you can’t expect to get much out of your speed training. A good warm up will help get blood flow to the muscles of the body. That way, your muscles will be more efficient. The result will be faster times for your intervals, you’ll be able to handle more volume and intensity in each workout, you’ll recover from intense training much faster and you are much less likely to get injured.

When doing your daily warm up, you should start with slow basic movements like jogging and skipping. Slowly progress to faster, more intense warm up drills as your muscles get warmed up and loose. Here you do your speed drills that simulate the types of movements you’ll be doing when you do your speed work. It may seem basic, but doing a dynamic warm up sets up your entire training session to succeed or fail. So start to get rid of that static stretching that you’ve been using. This is one of the most underrated of any speed training tip that I can give you.

The next speed training tip is just as important as the warm up and builds into the final point I will make in this article. That is that you must teach your athletes to ‘step over the opposite knee and drive the foot into the ground’. This is a fundamental component to speed development. In order to run your fastest, you must be able to apply more fore to the ground. That comes with good running mechanics. And these running mechanics are entirely dependent on keeping the foot underneath the hips so that it lands underneath the hips and not out in front of your center of mass. This is why I strongly suggest using speed drills such as the ‘A’ Run, ‘A’ Skip and Fast Leg drills. These motions will retrain the nervous system to fire in the appropriate patterns.

Of all the information in this article, one could argue that this is the most important, most overlooked of all the sped training tips:

The only way to get faster is to train at full speed. You can’t run intervals at less than 100% intensity and expect to get faster. That means running repeat 200s or 400s will not improve your top speed. All you do is get better at running medium speeds for extended periods of time. But without full speed training, you have a definite glass ceiling.

At the same time, running high intensity workouts with short recovery (less than 2-3 minutes) will not improve your top speed or your fastest time over that distance. This is one of the biggest mistakes that both coaches and athletes make on a regular basis.

True speed training is defined as full speed runs of 2-8 seconds with full recovery between each repetition. Full recovery is at least 2-3 minutes between each interval. A general rule of thumb is to rest one minute for every 10 meters that you run. So if you are running a workout of 40m runs, you should rest approximately 4 minutes between every repetition.

Commit to building your program around these speed training tips and you will begin to see significant improvements in your overall success.



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