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Speed Training

Here are our speed training article pages written by top coaches so you can learn how to run faster and improve your speed.

Beginners Running
Learn how to run faster with a 7 week plan for beginners

Kids Speed Training
There are many strategies that are going to determine how you set up a kids speed training program.

Running for beginners
Running Tips, A to Z. Here's a Running Tip from for each letter of the alphabet!

Arm Action
The arms play a significant, yet overlooked, role in sprinting and speed development. Without specifically and regularly addressing proper arm mechanics within your speed training program, full speed potential will not be realized.

7 Keys to Running Improvement
Part 1. The number one key to improvement is: Motivation! Sounds simple and it is. Think about it you really have to be motivated to get up on a cold morning and run. You have to be motivated to stick with your training plan.

Top 10 Speed Training Myths
Discover the 10 myths that have been around training speed for years and are still being taught today.

How to run faster
A great deal of research and study has gone into the science of speed with the goal of teaching athletes how to run faster.

Running Injuries
Running and fitness enthusiasts will always have injuries, despite the fact that our equipment (i.e. shoes) is getting better all the time. The reality is, enthusiasts will exercise in excess and will not generally stop even though the signs and symptoms of an injury are slapping them in the face.

Knee Pain and Running
Fortunately, pain isn’t always a definite sign of tissue damage; instead it can be protective pain that is coming from entities called myofascial trigger points.

Running Tips
Running is a great stress outlet and it promotes weight loss and fitness all at the same time. You are probably wondering why it’s not a part of everyone’s everyday life. That is the purpose of this article, to encourage running as a means of physical and mental health.

How to start a running program
Running or jogging is one of the best ways there is to lose weight fast. It burns tons of calories and gets your body burning fat. Running strengthens the heart, lungs and can be done just about anywhere at anytime.

Vertical Jump & Speed Training Pitfalls
In this article I will teach you what to look for in a Vertical Jump program & what potentially leap robbing mistakes avoid... There are without a doubt quite a plethora of various Plyometrics & "Jump Higher"systems available on the internet

Why Endurance Training lacks staying power
The biggest mistake endurance athletes make in their training program is falling into the trap that their sport is about who can go the longest. It’s not. It’s STILL about who can go the fastest.

Speed Training Drill
An overall-effective speed training drill should incorporate the need for and training of speed, quickness and agility. Running speed training is highly dependant on making sure that your body maintains the proper form at all times.

Ways to Run Faster
In order to develop a comprehensive understanding of ways to run faster, improve your quickness and enjoy an overall athletic improvement, you must first have an understanding of the list of sub-goals necessary to improve your speed.

Speed Training Exercise
Perhaps the most common speed training exercise for increasing stride frequency are assistance training methods.

Speed Training Tip
One speed training tip that is essential for every athlete is that speed training cannot be effective without some form of quickness training, as well.

Over Speed Training for Young Athletes
There are many different methods that you can use to perform over speed training for young athletes. Since we are dealing with the youth athlete, one of the safest methods is down hill sprinting.

Help Child Run Faster
The best way to help your child run faster, is to follow these five simple rules.

Speed Training for Endurance
It is my belief that young kids can be trained in this simple way: fast, short, low volume, and intense. This is the type of environment they will face in a track or cross-country race.

Barry Ross - Secrets to Running Faster
Since publishing Underground Secrets To Faster Running, I’m frequently asked why there seems to be minimal information regarding on-track sprint training workouts in a book about running faster.

Running Faster
It is my belief that young kids can be trained in this simple way: fast, short, low volume, and intense. This is the type of environment they will face in a track or cross-country race.

Sports Injury Prevention
The cause of most running injuries are due to training errors committed by the athlete.

Age and Exercise
It was believed that there was little that could be done about this decline with it being a slow process at first before gaining momentum.

Benefits of Speed Training
With all the positive elements on athletic performance that come with a structured speed training program, it is important to list some of these benefits.

How to Get Faster
Speed is the number one characteristic that separates superior athletes from the pretty good ones.

Improve Running Speed
Whether it is to earn more playing time, make varsity, become a starter, win a state title or earn a scholarship to college, every athlete needs to improve their running speed if they want to accomplish their goals.

Increase Sprinting Speed
Speed and power athletes, such as track and field sprinters and jumpers, are always searching for new ways to increase their sprinting speed.

Speed Training
Regardless of the sport, if you want your athletes to succeed then you must implement a structured speed training program into your overall system.

Speed Training Techniques
When it comes to getting faster, speed training technique must be a focal point of any training program.

Speed Training Tips
If you want to make lasting improvements to your speed, build your program around the following speed training tips.

Sprinting Techniques
Sprinting technique is all about power and efficiency. In a sport where ‘elite’ and ‘run of the mill’ athletes are separated by fractions of a second, getting the most out of an athlete’s ability is essential to success, from the youth through professional levels.

Running Form
What is ‘good running form?’ Many coaches and athletes seek the correct running form but is this really possible?

Speed Work and Exercises
What does ‘speed work’ actually mean. This can vary depending on who you are and the event you compete in, which is shown by the following answers to the question ‘define speed work?

Speed Training Exercises
Every coach should have a handful of speed training exercises that they use with their athletes to help develop specific components of speed development.

Speed Coach
In today’s competitive sports environment, a knowledgeable speed coach serves as a valuable resource for any coach or athlete interested in improving sports performance.

How to Run Faster
Every coach and athlete wants to learn the secret information and techniques that the best athletes use when designing a program on how to run faster.



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